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Iiiiiiii don't know what to say, lol.

Well, I'm from Russia, live in Saint-Petersburg :3
I sooooo hate my real name, so I will be glad if you call me Amy. It's my nickname and I usually use it in cosplay-community.
I'm 20 years old, study in University of Technology and Design (hahahaah, it's really funny because my drawing skills are........ahh XD)

I like cosplay, anime, manga, some games and drawing pics (rarely, lol)
All of my costumes are made by me (You can see it clearly, because a lot of them are not very good). So, I like to sew. Hope, one day I can create really amazing things :3 but not now, because my sewing skills aren't very good. but I try to do my best

I think, that's all. Sorry, guys, for my bad english XD

More cosplay-photos:

And you can follow me :3
Well. Since I've got a lot of questions about my cosplay. Especially...yes, about one certain cosplay. I want to tell something about it. Maybe it will also help you with your future cosplays! X)
Well, of course, I am not proffesional cosplayer or something like this. I haven't any education for it. It's just a hobby and I learned everything myself. So, here we go!

First of all, all my cosplays I make myself. It's a lot better to do so than buying costume in the shop. Like this you can not miss any detail and make your clothes fit you perfectly. Also fabric. You can choose right colour, facture and so on. Unfortunatelly, most of the shops take not right fabrics for costumes. But well, if you haven't any skills then yes, you have to order costume. But get ready to fix some details

Then. Well, yes, wigs. You can find wig you need on,, and so on. There are a lot of sellers, so, you even can find wig which is styled exactly for you character. But well, often you have to style the wig yourself. Sometimes it's not difficult, but sometimes...hohoho. But a lot of cosplayers make their own tutorials how to style the wigs, so, you can find some tips. Here are at least 3 groups with different tutorials (not only wigs! And tips of another cosplayers were very helpfull for me!)
Follow these groups and check galleries! I am sure, you will find a lot of interesting and helpfull things!

Well, think, there is even no need to say about other things, like makeup for character and which will also suit you (for example, not use only eyeliner and mascara. There has to be eyeshadows which would make your eyes look better. But also you should be careful with it. I saw a lot of people which use too bright eyeshadows. It just looks strange when school girl with red hair has bright blue eyeshadows. So, be careful with it!); location which also has to fit character and look nice itself; photographers, positions for your character; lenses. Of course, you always have to think about every detail. 

And well. Last, but not least: you have to like your character. At least, 2 times I cosplayed characters which I didnt really like. Or liked some..mhm...let's say, parts of them. And it wasnt really good. But well...even so I tried to not forget any detail :DDD But it wasn't really good idea, better to cosplay character which you really like X))

And now, yes. For people who asked me and maybe will ask in future some certain questions.

1). How did I make my wig for Toph Bei Fong
Weeeell! My first and second wig, yes, were styled by me. I actually even made tutorial, so, you can check it here.  It's based on another very nice tutorial, I only changed some steps, but that's how I made it.
The third wig, I use now, was made by my very dear friend and also amazing Toph. Check her gallery to see her great work! And yes, think, you can ask her how she made the wig. Honestly, I think, this way is really nice and such wig is if not the best of all, that at least one of the best. Bun looks very neat and natural. Like it has to be X)

2). Which lenses I use for Toph Bei Fong
The first I wanted to keep it a secret, but well...For Toph I always used 2 pairs of lenses. Yes, 2 pairs at the same time. It iiiis.....ta-daaaaam! White screen lenses + Dolly Grey. Of course, I could use only one pair, but it didn't look natural on my eyes. So, I had to use the second pair to get more of grey colour. But it still wasnt exactly like Toph's eyes =\ But better than just grey or green lenses.
But now I've got another lenses. It was a present from my best and favorite Toph. So, I dont really know, how they are called :DD Sorry for it!

3). Can I see through lenses
Well. Only somehow. I can see through white screen...well, when it's bright outside, then only 30% or so. When it's dark, I can see 50%. But after 2nd time I already somehow got used to it, so, even could see more :D
Lenses which I use now....WEEELL! I nearly can't see anything. Even they look a lot more closer to Toph's eyes (but still not enough =() I would like to use my old lenses at conventions, because it's really difficult to walk safely when you can't see the way you walk. So, for a moments I really get nearly blind. But it's also somehow funny to hear from people questions like: "Ah, what happened to her?"

4). Where did I get the Wanted Poster
I made the poster myself X) Made paper look old and then printed portrait of Toph with the text. I even had tutorial for it, but it was in Russian, Buuut if somebody need, I can translate it into English and upload.

5). How do I make my cosplay
For simple things I often cut patterns randomly and then fix it so that cloth would fit me. But usually...well... I have some "standart" patterns which I use as base and then I edit them to character's costume.
For kimonos and Toph's hanfu I used "traditional" patterns, which you also can find in google X)

So, well. I think, that's all :D Hope, it was at least a liiiiittle helpfully for few people, who was interested in some things I do. 
Sorry for my English, guys. It's not my native language, so, of course, I am sure, there are a lot of mistakes. But well, I honestly try to learn it! But it will take time. So, sorry again.

And thanks for reading! See ya :33

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FUTRPilotFilms Featured By Owner 6 days ago
What is the deal with Cosplayers in Russia? Hahaha! It seems like every cosplayer I see on here is from Russia.

Although admittedly the Russian Cosplayers are usually the best (I say that in all honesty)
muzaiko Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014   Photographer
Hey Ami!

I just wanted to let you know that someone uploaded one of your Toph photos on their page without even linking you back. (I mean this one right here:
ATLA - I just must behave as a Lady by Sorel-Amy…

If you want it removed or want you linked back at least, I recommend messaging the Admins of this page. I think it's unfair for you, since you're not getting the audience you deserve.

Have a nice day anyway!
- Melinda
sciencevsart Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your cosplay is just amazing! +Watch~
Sorel-Amy Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
thank youuu X)
AnastasRadonski Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
О боже, вы с Росии!) Ваш косплей на Салли просто поразил меня. Если вы не против, я опубликовала его вк в группе про крипипасту. Еще раз повторюсь, шикарный косплей) 
Sorel-Amy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Да, из России х)
Конечно, не против :D Все фотографии находятся в свободном доступе, так что можете их постить, где угодно. В вк, кстати, у меня есть немного больше фото, чем здесь :D

Спасибо, очень приятно слышать!
AnastasRadonski Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Благодарю, что сказали про ВК, взяла от туда еще пару фоточек ;) 
Sorel-Amy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Да не за что х)
А можно ссылочку на пост? :D
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perfectlytight Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Happy birthday!!! I hope it is wonderful for you.
Shane-zero Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Happy B-day :iconkaminaplz::iconcakeplz:
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